Inspiring today’s and tomorrow’s talent pipeline for careers in additive manufacturing

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TEAMMSS Toolkit​

Toolkit for encouraging Additive Manufacturing in middle school students

The America Makes TEAMMSS Toolkit is a project-based learning activity combining 3D printing and physical computing for a remote-controlled autonomous vehicle. Students engage through designing and 3D printing customized sensor brackets and vehicle parts to perform a specific purpose. America Makes is proud to partner with Ten80 Education in the creation and deployment of the TEAMMSS Toolkit. 

Interactive 3D Printing Program

Youth microlearning modules

These 11 microlearning modules feature a series of short interactive lessons to introduce students to basic elements of Additive Manufacturing (AM). Each module demonstrates a unique step in the AM process – so they can start creating their own designs. They will also find cybersecurity tips and modules to keep them safe along the way.

Additive Edge

High School inspiration and outreach program

Additive Edge is a multi-week additive manufacturing entrepreneurship program focused on engaging students with education and career pathways in the advanced manufacturing sector. Students work in teams to identify a problem that, if solved, would benefit humanity; conceptualize an additive manufacturing (3D Printing)-based advanced product to address it; develop a business model around the product; and pitch it to a panel of representatives.

Interactive 3D Printing Program

Additive Manufacturing microlearning modules

These short interactive lessons introduce adults to Additive Manufacturing (AM) and its many uses. Each module demonstrates the steps of the AM process — along with basic software and equipment — to start designing and printing your own ideas.

Enhancing Defense Capabilities with Additive Manufacturing

Microlearning modules for industry and DoD leaders and decision makers

These modules review the current and potential use of additive manufacturing to enhance industrial and military capabilities. They review key benefits and limitations of this technology, as well as applications of additive and specific use cases. The modules also review best practices and considerations for adopting additive manufacturing and the impact of AM within the Organic Industrial Base (OIB) as well as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).